Step by Step Seller's Guide

Thinking of Selling? Here are some questions to consider:

  • Why are you considering moving? What are your primary interests and needs in selling the home ie) upsizing, downsizing, work relocation?
  • Is there a time constraint on selling your home?
  • Is this your first time selling a home?
  • What is your previous experience with the market, whether buying or selling? If you have sold prior, what were the challenges you experienced?
  • What stands out most from your previous experience?
  • Are you interviewing other real estate agents?
  • What are you looking for in your Listing Agent?
  • What skills are important in your agent?
  • What features of this home made you choose it over the others?
  • What are the most enjoyable features of your home? Is there anything you would change?
  • If I was the buyer, what are the things that you like the most, that perhaps I may also enjoy?
  • Have you made any home improvements to your home, since purchasing it?
  • What has your maintenance schedule been like?
  • What is the idea of the price that you have in mind?
  • What do you like about the area/neighbourhood?
  • What do you dislike about the area/neighbourhood?

Things I will need from you on first couple visits for listing:

  • Current utilities and costs to run the home for winter and summer months.
  • Your wifi password available, when I sit with you do present my market analysis.
  • A list of problems with the home that is in need of repair or a list of repairs or updates done on the home both old a new (any receipts you have for the work done, including permits.) Including Material Latent defects.
  • Information about the home, including the age of the furnace, hot water tank, appliances, roof, windows, etc (if known).
  • A list of what will be included/ excluded with the home.
  • Mortgage verification letter for your mortgage company to fill out.
  • I will need to know if Dower rights apply to the home.
  • Your current government-issued identification for verification purposes.
  • Communication preferences and time availabilities ie) evenings, calls

You will be given:

  • Paperwork to review, prior to signing. I always recommend taking the time to read through and to seek legal advice, prior to signing.
  • I will go through all the paperwork with you and answer all questions.
  • A list of recommendations for the staging of the home, to prepare for a timely sale and the best results possible for sale price.
  • A Home Seller’s guide for your reference.
  • A checklist of things to be done, along with a list of recommended professionals, such as lawyers, surveyors, inspectors, etc.
  • Paperwork for Search of Records for the City of Edmonton, to pull a record for work done.
  • Copies of everything you sign.
  • My marketing and negotiations plans.

Note: I will pull the title prior to showing up for the first appointment